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Increase traffic to your website - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


This information is brought to you by Barry Briggs at Web Transitions, our partner company. Barry is an SEO wizard.

The web offers a variety of ways to increase traffic to your web site. Obviously, some are more cost effective than others. The first priority is to get the visitors. The second is to make sure each visitor is cost effective.


  • Pay-Per-Click - Every search engine, online media site and thousands of other places provide pay-per-click programs. These programs run an ad or banner ad, link or sponsored listing and you pay a preset price for each user who clicks into your site.
  • Banners and ROS Advertising - Banner and "Run of Site" advertising allows you to place an ad on a site that users can click to get to your site. The difference between this and Pay-Per-Click is that the cost of placing the ad is set and there is no additional per-click fee.
  • Placement Ads - There are some sites that will allow you to place ads on their site. Most are "directories" of some description and many will let you ad a listing for free. Payment may be by time period (monthly, annually, etc.) and some are Pay-Per-Click. Generally the more targeted the directory the higher the run or Pay-Per-Click cost.
  • Natural Search Engine Results - Search engines provide an indexing service that combs (spiders) the web for sites and pages and places some or all of the page information in an index. These indexed listings are called natural search results. These are generally the most cost effective online listings you can have as there is no cost for the indexing and no per-click fee. They are also the most competitive. Sites spend thousands or tens-of-thousands of dollars to achieve and maintain high rankings in the top search engines.

Search engines produce the vast majority of traffic to websites. And, statistically, more of this traffic comes from natural search results rather than paid advertising or pay-per-click programs. And, unlike pay-per-click programs, you don't have to pay every time someone visits your site from the link. The problem is that, being free, natural search results are very competitive. It takes an understanding of how search engines work and careful web design to be at the top of even non-competitive search phrases. It is very difficult to attain top positions for the highly competitive search phrases. 


Without a doubt, Search Engine Optimization is the best way to increase traffic to your site at a minimal cost. However, the ranking of any key phrase for any site can change dramatically from month to month. That's why we recommend a search engine optimization program based on good content designed around the key phrases that are important to your business.

Search engine optimization is not rocket science...but it is work. To be really effective requires a dedicated effort and at least a minimal understanding of how search engines work and what they look for in a website. With a little help, anyone can do it.


  • One on one training - For clients who do their own site or have a content managed web sites, we provide individualized training for you or your employees on how to research effective key phrases and write website copy optimized for search engines. 
  • Keyword research - If you are not inclined to spend the hours necessary for keyword research we provide the service at a nominal fee.
  • Content creation / editing - If you need outside assistance on creating and or editing web copy optimized for search engines we can provide writers and editors experienced in search engine optimization.
  • Professional consultation - If you are considering search engine optimization call us first. We can review your site and point out the areas where improvements can be made. We can also point out how you can determine whether the optimization was successful. You can then use the information to evaluate proposals from other search engine optimization companies.


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