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John Quesenberry
John Quesenberry – new boss


Beth Garst
Beth Garst – Retired
Barry Briggs
Barry Briggs – Retired


Exciting changes at Howl’n Dog Designs!

The crew at Howl’n Dog Designs has been developing, maintaining and, for some, hosting your websites and email accounts for over 26 years, and we are thankful for your continued trust in us. Don’t worry…we are not going anywhere, but there are changes in the works.

John Quesenberry has worked with Barry and me for almost 24 years and we are very happy to transfer Howl’n Dog Designs into his capable hands. The name stays the same, as do the website development and hosting services offered. Contact email addresses, mailing address and our phone number also stay the same, but John will be running the show from his home office in Roanoke, I will be working for him part time from my home in Boones Mill, Barry is officially retired, and the office in downtown Boones Mill is closing.

Many of you have already worked with John and know him to be knowledgeable, prompt with updates and answers, and just an all-around pleasant guy. Those who haven’t had the pleasure will discover the same.

John can be reached at 540-334-3831,

Thank you again for your continued support and faith in our services.
Beth Garst



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