Marketing, SEO and Building Site Traffic

Having a great website is useless if no one ever visits.

Creating an effective search engine optimized web site starts with a design that is technically consistent with SEO requirements. Every web site design we do insures every page includes the components necessary for valid SEO development.

Once you have the base components, the process of creating effective SEO content is still challenging. However, without an effective set of SEO web components optimization is much harder.

Marketing opportunities on the web range from search engine optimization for ranking in natural search results, banner ads and search engine ad words to social media promotional offers and advertising.

What you decide to use to increase your site traffic and increase your return on investment will depend upon your budget, your business products and services and your customer’s preferences. Regardless of where you want to start, we can provide the support and services you need to maximize your efforts.

Marketing, Ad Management and SEO Services

Current Website Technical Review

We review your existing website including the page structure, page components and existing SEO features available in the site. We then provide a set of suggested technical changes to insure future SEO improvements are possible. We also look at your current SEO efforts. Included in the review are:

  • Primary Keyword Map – This is a list of your primary keywords and the pages optimized for those keywords.
  • Google Crawl Error List
  • Accessibility – Who has access through what devices?
  • Main page load speeds
  • Google and Bing webmaster tools
  • Google and Bing analytics or web statistics
  • Social Media acounts

Keyword Research

Using a variety of research resources, we locate key words and phrases people use to find sites similar to yours. In addition to the keywords and key phrases we also provide the frequency of actual web searches for each keyword to help define which keywords will best work for your site. This will include:

  • Develop a list of primary keyword topics.
  • Research keywords for each major topic area.
  • Research short and long tailed key phrases for each primary keyword
  • Refine keyword and key phrase list
  • Run ranking report for your existing site
  • Review Googel and Bing Adwords report for the keyword list


Content Optimization

We can create optimized content, edit your existing content for keyword optimization or provide training to your content creators on how to optimize content for search engines.

For more information on creating content for your website see Content Creation in Content Management

Pay-Per-Click and Social Media Advertising Management

Pay-per-click ad campaigns should be well planned prior to spending the first penny. Pay-per-click campaigns require good planning to insure maximizing return on investment.

Create Ad Groups – These are categories of ads for specific campaigns.

Define Keywords – Build a list of focused keywords for each of the ad categories. Keywords may be in more than one Ad Group

Create the Ad Text for Each Keyword – This is the “Description” for the keyword within this Ad Group

Landing Page – Either choose the landing page for this Ad Group Keyword or create a landing page specifically for the keyword.


To insure maximum return on investment for your website development, content creation, advertising and marketing you need to determine what gives you the best bank for your buck. Web analytics is the answer.

Analytics basically means measuring what web pages are being viewed, how often and who is looking. Which pages are visited from search engines, from ad campaigns and from ad words in Google or Bing.

Both Google and Bing provide a service called Webmaster Tools that give you access to a sub-set of web analytics. In addition, your hosting company should also provide a web site logging service that tracks ever click into your site, every image viewed, every page viewed, along with the time, date, browser used, device and tons of other data.

We can help you decide which web analytics you should use and how you can use the information to help you make the most of your website and advertising and marketing dollars.



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