Flexible Local Web Hosting Solutions

There are a number of excellent reasons for choosing a local web hosting provider.

And yes…we can host your WordPress website!!

  • Personal commitment – Your local web hosting provider has a commitment to you as a customer. More than you will ever experience through one of the national hosting providers.
  • One on one customer service – Your phone call to a local hosting provider is far more likely to be answered by a real human being rather than a phone answering tree.
  • Hands on service – Your local web hosting provider will provide a higher level of administrative and technical support. Your technical problems are not just the next problem on the call tree.
  • Your problems are personal – A local web hosting provider knows you and your business personally…and treat you like a real customer…not just the next call.
  • One on one – Local web hosting providers can meet in person to discuss your individual needs and help you understand the ins and outs of hosting.
  • Individual solutions – Local web hosting providers are not tied to the requirements of a rigid management system. We have the freedom to create the hosting solution you need.
  • Reliability and up-time – Our networks are monitored 24/7 from multiple locations. Technical support is notified within 6 minutes of a server or network issue. Our network up-time averages better than 99.9%.



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